Working in progress: Pondering Gendered Expectations

Born without limitation

Well that’s not true

Made to feel I could do


Run the country

Change the world

As for gender

I don’t remember

Except keep your knees together 

If you’re wearing a skirt.

Instead there’s pressure

Not measured against gender

To do well, Be strong

To stand out, Get on

But wait… I recollect

It’s my job to care

To accommodate, 

Alleviate and compensate

For the struggles of others

Their flaws and complaints

Their tantrums and stutters

To stride where they faulter

So this is my skill

My strength my achilles heel

As a woman it’s assumed

I’m born capable and honed

to juggle my struggle

And everyone else’s

To hold them all together

And buffer their jolts

But here I pause again…

Is this what I want?

Time ticks by and

Advancing years daunt

People say ‘You’re still a baby’

But the scientists claim

Just a few more years

And my eggs will go stale

So it’s high time to choose

To try before I lose

The chance to nurture by choice

Why am I complaining?

Because I have a voice

And the luxury of sharing

Honest and free

Who knows you might be feeling

Just like me. 

***Bit scared of putting this on line as it’s a work in progress but here goes…***